• « The tribe has mastered the art of getting high with two, four and even more. »
    There are twenty two of them and it’s wonderful!
    The toast of the Dance Biennial in Lyon (...) , this idyllic tribe is the circus collective XY, nine years as a company, three shows and a motto : "Alone we go faster ; together we go further ". And there you have it !
    Following Le Grand C (2009), a pure marvel conquering the sky which received great public acclaim, the new show, ‘It’s Not Yet Midnight’, staged in collaboration with choreographer Loïc Touzé, demonstrates once again that XY’s acrobatic lifts know no limits.
    Castles, turrets and other wondrous forms of human architecture are raised up on the stage, bringing together the whole ensemble…a mountain suddenly emerges then melts away to reappear later as  an enormous wave. Incredible acrobatic lifts and saltos trace arcs in the air, criss crossing each other…XY conquer the vertical, inventing new ploys to leap ever higher such as flexible boards, with the artists bouncing from one to another as if jumping from rocks.
    Rosita Boisseau - Le Monde 02.10.2014

  • Expectations were high after Le Grand C …
    The good news is that while they continue to explore acrobatic stunts as a super-sized collective, they tackle the conquest of space head on.
    Tricks, these brilliant acrobats have their bags full of them. There are now 22 of them for us to marvel at.
    Emmanuelle Bouchez - Télérama 24.09.2014

  • 22 voilà les acrobates !
    “Not yet midnight ... ", by company XY, is one of the revelations of the Dance Biennial in Lyon.

    Their hand to hand (...) , their takeoffs , their five-storey human towers, the care with which they ensure the landing of their somersaults describes an ideal world where risk-taking, generosity and solidarity rule the roost….’alone we go faster, together we go further’, as they say.
    Ariane Bavelier - Le Figaro 18.09.2014