Jakob Ahlbom

  • THE OBSERVER Schimmel and Greweldinger are excellent as the agitated male duo, helpless as their minutely ordered lives descend to slapstick and finally chaos, but Hundertmark's performance is a tour de force. As a movement artist she's extraordinary; as a theatrical presence she's at once affectless and profoundly suggestive… ****

  • LONDON EVENING STANDARD Physical theatre often foregrounds the physical and forgets the narrative. Lebensraum, conceived by Jakop Ahlbom and part of the London International Mime Festival, is an inventive work from Holland that, refreshingly, clearly tells a tale, getting the balance between slapstick and story just right. ****

  • THE TELEGRAPH Silke Hundertmark plays the malfunctioning maid superbly. Ahlbom balances the trio’s relationship beautifully. ****

  • The French press about Jakop Ahlbom’s Lebensraum: Télèrama le 04/12/13: "Lebensraum" à huis clos. Un titre étrange pour un spectacle qui ne l'est pas moins. Aux frontières du mime et du cinéma muet. Thierry Voisin

  • Politis le 03/10/13: Lebensraum est une délicieuse fable muette sur les dérives technologiques. Anaïs Heluin

  • Libération 02/08/13: L'effet d'une bombe au Festival Mimos de Perigueux Hommage au cinéma muet burlesque, bourré de gags, de retournements de situations, d'illusions, d'acrobaties, Lebensraum du suédois Jakop Ahlbom est ravageur. Marie-Christine Vernay