Jakob Ahlbom


The success of movies like the Artist prove that silent movies aren’t as rusty as expected. Theatre maker Jakop Ahlbom is bringing the magic of silent pictures to the theatre stage. Along with the help of musicians of the band Alamo Race Track.

Ahlbom’s new theatrical piece is inspired by the works of actor and filmmaker Buster Keaton. Keaton was a pioneer in the worlds of slapstick and physical comedy. At that time, silent 

movies like Keaton’s were accompanied by classical piano music. This piece is going to be live accompanied by Ralph Mulder and Leonard Lucieer of the band Alamo Race Track. In contrasts to the sound of the 20’s, Alamo and Jakop Ahlbom create a modern scenery, keeping the conventional 20’s style in mind.

Two men, who live together in one tiny room. Ingenious they are, the lack of space is not an issue. Everything has multiple functions: the bed operates as a piano and the bookcase serves as a fridge. To compensate the absence of a woman, the two create a mechanic cleaning lady. But soon they’ll figure that this lady is not just planning on cleaning in peace. A doll with an opinion. Tensions are arising, and the room gets smaller and smaller. The men latest invention is downfall.

Jakop Ahlbom and Alamo Race Track’s previous collaboration resulted in well received play INNENSCHAU with a special CD: Unicorn Loves Deer, nominated for a 3voor12 award in 2011. The room from the opening scene of Buster Keatons short movie The Scarecrow is the starting point of Lebensraum, where Jakop is finally starring on stage since Vielfalt.

With: Jakop Ahlbom, Alamo Race Track, Reinier Schimmel en Silke Hundertmark.


To give life back its enchantment we need better tricks.

Have you always wanted to know what happens if you enter the box of a
disappearing act?
Vielfalt offers viewers a rare insight into the world of a magician. A world where
tricks performed with nimble fingers are less transparent than we think. Here nothing is what it seems. Furniture has false bottoms, people have hidden meanings. And if that’s the case, it’s not easy to find your way out...

In Vielfalt a man undertakes a brave attempt to retrieve his lost love. Is it manipulation or magic? Whose reality have we ended up in? Vielfalt deals with longing and fantasy, with illusion and disillusion. Vielfalt is a story about love and an ode to theatrical fantasy.

Vielfalt is Jakop Ahlbom’s fourth show. He blends movement, music, acrobatics, dance, illusionism, slapstick and the general setting to an intriguing whole. Using fantasy and a sense of drama, Ahlbom brings images of a unique and cinematic quality to the theatre. As in a surrealist movie, the audience is transported, from danced duets to comic acts and from magic tricks to pure slapstick.

Credits Vielfalt:
Performers: Jakop Ahlbom, Reinier Schimmel, Gwen Langenberg, Sofieke de Kater, Inez Almeida, Anne van Balen and Judith Hazeleger
Director: Jeroen van den Berg
Set: Daniël Ament
Costumes: Susann Rittermann
Soundscape: Wim Conradi
Technicians: Colin Kassies, Dirk Houthoff and Gert-Jan van de Geer
Magic support: Woedy Woet
Photography: Arjan Benning/Stephan van Hesteren
Production/publicity: Alles voor de Kunsten/Wilma Kuite, Meeke Beumer
Thanks to: Ko van den Bosch, hetveem theater and Daphne Richter.