The Real Deal

  • The percussion group Percossa celebrated successes in Paris, and now, with “The Real Deal” they are playing in the Major Leagues here as well.
    By: Patrick van den Hanenberg 16 februari 2015

    They are Dads, but no softies; the atmosphere is raw and fierce: a fresh mixture of state-of-the-art music and variety.
    There are plenty of percussion acts around. Indeed, from all corners of the world energetic boys and girls bang on drums, buckets, lead pipes and pans. The down-side of these groups is that usually, after about half an hour, you heard enough.  They are skillful, certainly, and sometimes very much so; but in the end, it all becomes one long muffled pounding.
    With Percossa there is simply no chance that boredom will enter the equation. This quartet tells a story, divides it into ten parts, each with its own beginning and end. Percossa has given an awe-inspiring list of performances abroad, especially in Paris. With “The Real Deal”, they also deserve a place in the highest realms of the major leagues back home in Holland.
    Rhythmic puffing
    Beware of the artist who feels he needs to bore us with stories about his kids. The sharpest stand-up comedian turns to jelly when talking about his offspring. Percossa is the exception to that rule.
    After a raging opening, we're treated to the rythmic puffing, the moaning and groaning at the moment of birth, followed by an extraordinarily funny symphony with melodic squeaking of rubber duckies and other baby bath equipment. These are no softies, although the marimba,  'a huit-mains', is played very sensitively. The atmosphere is raw and fierce. The Dad's knock each other over the head and in the ribs with differently tuned plastic tubes, and the way they treat four baby buggies is even more cruel and diabolical. That fresh combination of state-of-the-art music and variety came about mainly under the influence of Karel de Rooij (Mini & Maxi). Director Jos Thie followed that line through, with excellent results.


Knock Out

  • Jessica de Korte AD: “Hilarious percussion. The four men of the Hague’s percussion group Percossa demonstrate in their new program ‘Knock-out’ their musicality and acting talents. With a wonderful feeling for rhythm, they play various short scenes, the one more hilarious than the other. There is a very good reason that Karel de Rooij, formerly of Mini & Maxi, stands firmly behind this program. ‘The show is fantastic….’ When the percussionists devote themselves to their greatest talent, the movements of their muscular arms are nearly impossible to follow. “

  • De Weekkrant: “There are no limits to Percossa, which has created a place for many types of theater in their performances. Slapstick, acrobatics, and variété are effortlessly woven into powerful percussion alongside the men’s excellent singing abilities. What an explosion of power and rhythm; it is no wonder that bruises and bloody noses are a common occurrence during a performance. I got the sparkling percussion that I had been looking for.”

  • Jean-Paul Bresser AD: “Niels, Janwillem, René, and Eric have become master percussionists, but also singers and acrobats. And, of course, clowns. Four virtuoso comedians in musical combat. An Olympiad of world theater, a master class of universal drumming. But perhaps it is mostly a riveting circus act, in which the public watches with astonishment and are happy to be ‘knocked out’.