The Real Deal

The Real Deal Percossa are much more than just ‘Rebels of Rhythm’. They win over audience after audience, not only through their appealing music but also through the ir theatrical inventiveness.
Yet, who are these fit, energetic and muscular drummers, really?
Once we peek behind their Rock-’n-Roll-band-like touring schedule, it turns out that they are real men who have seen the world, and have real stories to tell. And they are fathers on top of that! Enter the heartbeat of an unborn baby, hear breathing exercises during labour and a concerto for rubberducks... Witness Dads struggling with buggies, doing magic, assuming the role of Super Hero. And daughters leaving home... They’re raw, honest and quite cute. They present themselves in a crazy show full of breathtaking acts and great music.

Director: Jos Thie
Lighting Design: Stijn van Bruggen
Sound Design: Maurits Thiel
Set Design: Mirjam Grote Gansey
Video Design: Arjen Klerkx
Costume Design: Dorine van IJsseldijk
Musical Arrangements: Bob Zimmerman

Rebels of Rhythm

The opening sequence makes you rethink the expectations you had when you entered the theatre. You came in to see yet another percussion act, right? Wrong! Now you’re watching four fit men. And they’re flying across the stage towards you. It almost looks like projection. You can tell it’s not, but you can’t see any wires either. And yet, they are flying...

When they land they start a show that doesn’t let you catch your breath until intermission. That’s when you realise the first half of the evening only had one scene with drums in it. And that lasted maybe 3 minutes. The rest was just first class entertainment; varied, funny, impressive, beautiful, magical, wordless. And rhythmical. But any rhythm used was there to convey a story, a feeling or a character. The means, not the goal, to make a truly engaging show.
After intermission you get a blast of percussion. But guess what; it’s again incredibly varied. All percussion acts you know are in there except they are following each other at breakneck speed. So you never tire of anything, in fact, it leaves you hungry for more, screaming for more. Much more... And then some.

From the press:

Not just unrivalled Drumming but Humour and Acrobatics as well.

Having started out as punks in the streets, they have evolved into an unmatched theatre sensation: PERCOSSA

After 10 years of blood, sweat and tears, world tours and international successes, these 'Rebels of Rhythm' treat their audiences to the mother of all shows.

No compomises, no breather, no mercy...
...but an unstoppable rolercoaster of hard hits, piercing humour and acrobatic stunts, all bundled up with such theatricality it's uncanny. Percussion is not the goal of these guys; it is a means to spur the imagination.

Knock Out

Percossa's four performers drum, stamp, fly and conjure their way through a new, hilarious show. But will they drop their cover and let the public see their true nature?

Percossa had only just returned from a successful international tour when they once more stepped boldly successful international tour when they once more stepped boldly into the ring with director Karel de Rooij (Mini & Maxi). In the first round, the performers make you dizzy and in the second round, a 'Knock-out' is guaranteed, thanks to powerful percussion, slapstick, variété en circus acts.

An Olympiade of world-theater, a relay-race of world-music and a masterclass in universal drumming. But perhaps most of all, a stunning circus act in which the public watches with open mouth and are only too happy to be 'knocked out. (Algemeen Dagblad)