Young @ Heart

This is Getting Old

  • Jacqueline Smith, Auckland New Zeeland: Members of The Young @ Heart Chorus span an age range from 73 to 89, and a vocal range from whistling whisper to soulful bellow. Some can dance like Michael Jackson while others rely on walking sticks to stand. And some can't stand the whole time, so they sit. But despite being at varying points in the ageing process, they are a united front, celebrating being Forever Young, and lapping up every day they have before they leave for the place Talking Heads lyric's refer to in Heaven. Never have the lyrics "All we have is now" and "the future is certain" been so poignant.

  • Wakaito Times, Steve Scott: From rock and roll, Young @ Heart Chorus returned to the heady days of San Francisco for a powerful rendition of Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit, led by 78-year-old vocalist Patricia Booth, whose diction and phrasing swept the audience up into the increasing rhythm. Alternately Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze was turned into a biting, lyrical conversation between 84-year-old Jeanne Hatch and Martin.