Lucienne van der Mijle

Lucienne is co-founder and co-owner GPAG.After working as a performer for 15 years, Lucienne studied photography to start a second career. She specializes in theatre photography, but also does a lot of documentary work and portraits. Capturing energy and dynamics is one of her particular strong points. In the eighties she made her first acquaintance with Japan. She has since created photographic series of various Asian percussion groups, contemporary dance and sword-dancing companies.
Some of the projects Lucienne created over the past years: Within the framework of the celebration of 400 years of the relations between the Netherlands and Japan, she created the series "Fishermen’s life" in "Hirado and Vlissingen". She published her book "Setsuna – Fleeting Instant". “Fading Borders”, an exhibition that reveals the differences and similarities of the Japanese and Dutch cultures.
Within GPAG Lucienne focuses on and watches over the artistic strategy of the company. She also works as a graphic designer for different cultural institutions and theatre companies.
She can be reached by her e-mail address:

Lucienne van der Mijle exhibited among others in:

Galery Le Déco, Tokyo, Japan
Tsuyoshi, Japan
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of photography, Japan
Melkweg Galerie Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Siebold House, Leiden, the Netherlands
National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden, the Netherlands
Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam
Foam, Photography museum Amsterdam
VU Medical Centre, Amsterdam
Genootschap Kunstliefde Utrecht
Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen
De Nederlandse Cacaofabriek
De Willem 3, VlissingenJan Garemijnzaal, Cultuurcentrum Bruges and Cinema Nova, Belgium