Condors, the all male dance company that has turned the Japanese contemporary dance scene on its head, is electric, sweaty, outrageous and hysterical. Ryohei Kondo started the company in the fall of 1996, and barely a year later its performance from the "Kiss the Sun" series at Theatre Fonte in Yokohama was a major success, gaining much attention from presenters and sponsors.

In January 2000, they took their first trip abroad to the showcase at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) Conference in New York. The New York Times said, "if there had been an applause meter on the premises, the meter would have very likely swung off the high end" and called them "wonderfully nutty" and "an irrepressible, irreverent bunch of nicely ill-sorted sizes and presences" (January 15, 2000).

Wherever they go, Condors performances always send their audiences spinning through amazement, shock, and laughter. From their trademark school uniform outfits to their liberal use of shtick and overblown video imagery, this company redefines what a dance performance can and should be.