Fifty Shades, The Parody, The Musical

Together with four other partners – Senf Theaterpartners, Luxor Theaters Rotterdam, Chassétheater Breda and Parkstad Limburg Theaters – GPAG is obtained the rights for the hilarious musical 50 Shades, The Parody, The Musical. September the 8th is a date to put down. The show will have its premiere on that day in the Oude Luxor Theater in Rotterdam.
At the moment script writer Niek Barendsen (Kopspijkers, Alice in Wonderland and Klokhuis) is finishing the Dutch adaptation. In July the cast (Birgit Schuurman, Han Oldigs, Birgitte Heitzer, Eva Poppink, Rosalie de Jong, Abel Nienhuis and Jolanda van den Berg) will start rehearsing under direction of Jasper Verheugd (Tineke Schouten, Droomvlucht).