Jakob Ahlbom

Jakop was born 1971 in Sweden and graduated in 1998 from the mime department of the Amsterdam School for the Arts. In the same year he received the Top Naeff Prize - an incentive price for the most promising student.

He has worked for years on his own unique theatrical trade mark, where theatre,
mime, dance, music and the world of illusion come together as one. With his fragmental way of working and his own mixture of disciplines, he creates images that in a way lager than theatre.

So far he has staged seven productions under his own name: Stella Maris (2000), Nur zur Erinnerung (2002), Lost (2004), Vielfalt (2006), The Architect (2008) and Innenschau (2010) and Lebensraum (2012). In addition to this he has worked on various productions with several companies, such as Knuckles/Alex d’Electrique, Eiland/Orkater, Karina Holla, Roy Peters, Nieuw West, De Groep van Steen and De Daders.

His creations were shown and selected for national prices (Dutch Theatre Festival), as international (Salzburger Festspiele).