Percossa is a group of four performers. The feeling for rhythm is in their blood, as is the feeling for theater. This is what makes Percossa so unique: dance, acrobatics, mime, shadow play, magic – all accompanied by virtuoso percussion pieces. Percussion is not the primary purpose of a performance, but only serves as a means to an end. This is why Percossa is sometimes referred to as ‘wordless theater’. A dash of circus and a pinch of rock concert. Full of unrestrained energy and universal humor. Always original, willful, and openly obstinate.

It’s a wild ride on a roller coaster: ascending at top speed and descending even faster, almost a free-fall, in looping and corkscrew movements… a show full of excitement and emotion, a show with a smile and a tear. Where you are blown away by blinding music and deafening visual spectacles.

A show that touches you. That’s a show by Percossa.